I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 7th child, so I usually start planning and making my purchases for baby around this time in my pregnancy. I only buy the basics because I have pretty much narrowed down the items that I need and the ones I don’t.
I wanted to put together a list of items I feel every parent needs as soon as baby gets home from the hospital. Included in the list are basic every day items that have made parenting so much easier for me as a stay at home mom & working mom.
This is my personal list of items I intend on purchasing in the next few weeks. I hope you find this list helpful in your search for the perfect newborn must haves. Enjoy!

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Newborn Baby Must Haves (1).png

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  1. I fell in love with this stroller because I want to be able to lay baby down when we get out without having to leave them in their car seat the entire time. It also reminds me of the pricier UPPAbaby Vista that I totally love too, but it’s just not in my price point at the moment.
  2. I have heard so many wonderful things about the haakaa that I just have to add it to this list of essentials. If you are planning on breastfeeding then this is a total must have because it catches the milk from the side you aren’t feeding from so that you can store it and bottle feed when needed.
  3. A wrap is pretty helpful when baby first comes home because baby usually likes to be close to mom for a while after they are born. After a few days, a wrap is a total must to get stuff done while still having baby close to you.
  4. A nursing pillow is helpful when feeding baby whether you plan on bottle feeding or nursing. As baby gets older it is great for tummy time, resting, and even assists them when learning to sit up on their own.
  5. This baby lounger is something I have never tried, but I have always wanted one. This one is similar to a dock a tot, but is less than half the price of one and has awesome reviews from other mommas.
  6. Swaddles are a must for newborns, but I never really liked the swaddles that don’t have room for movement. After a few weeks, baby starts moving more and some brands can be really constricting. This sleep sack is more like a safe blanket than just a swaddle. Baby’s arms can be wrapped or out of the sleep sack as they grow.
  7. This swing is a splurge item, but a good swing is an absolute must for a new baby. The swinging motion helps soothe them when you have to put them down. This one is high tech and connects to your smart phone. But if you are looking for a less expensive swing with great reviews, then check this swing out!
  8. This car seat wrap doubles as a wrap for your stroller, grocery cart, and can even be used as a cover for nursing. This item is perfect for keeping baby covered and protected from germs when running errands.
  9. And finally, I choose to add the Halo Bassinet to my list because it is something I am excited to try out. I have bought different bassinets in the past, but was never really in love with any of them. The sides on this bassinet are flexible and collapse so it is easier to get baby in and out of it. If I couldn’t get the Halo for any reason then my next choice would be this one.
Thanks for reading! Which item is on your list? Tell me in the comments. 




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