Pictures are one of my favorite ways to connect with my audience on social media and my blog. I have some great pictures out there, but there is always room for improvement.
If you think of your blog as a business, like I do, then you understand that sometimes small investments need to be made in order to grow.
So I decided to come up with a short list of blogger must have items that will help you not only improve the quality of your photos, but also help make them look more professional and entertaining for your audience.


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A full length mirror is perfect for taking amazing selfies of your favorite outfits or products. I ended up picking two that I absolutely loved. This first one is the bigger mirror of the two. It is at a higher price range, but it is a higher quality, sturdier full length mirror than the other, but I love it because you can still move it around which is so convenient for blogging photos.


A letter board is another prop to include in your collection. I love when bloggers use a letter board in their photo because there is no need for a lengthy caption because the picture says it all. This one I chose includes a large amount of letters, symbols, and cursive words. Everything you would need to send the perfect message in your photos.






An artificial vase of roses is one of the best props to have in my opinion. It can make a simple photo look so beautiful and elegant. I love using flowers in my flatlay photos. This prop also can make any room in your home look so put together.



In the photo above they are using two props in my list, roses and the faux fur rug. These props make such a huge difference in blog photos.

Below is another example of how to use a faux fur rug in a flat lay style photo.


One last thing I wanted to mention is make sure you are taking advantage of Tailwind as a blogger. Tailwind can really help improve the amount of traffic visiting your blog.

I mention this because it is great to use with both Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure you are using Tailwind with every high quality photo that you take to get the ball rolling.

Every single one of these props and a Tailwind subscription can absolutely help you grow your blog and make even someone who just started blogging look like a pro.

Which prop is your favorite? Do you already have some of these in your collection?





    1. Tailwind definitely helps keep up with Pinterest. Most of my traffic comes from there. Good luck and if you have any questions I would love to help. Thanks for reading my tips. 😊


    1. Tailwind is amazing to have as a blogger for more traffic. I hope you can sign up for it cause you will love it! Message me on twitter if you need help signing up. 😊 Thanks for stopping by.


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