Every pregnancy is different for everyone, but I thought it would be fun to document what I am feeling this time around. This is baby #7 for me and I kind of wish I had done this for all my children.

Better late than never. Did you just find out you are pregnant as well? Let me know how far along you are in the comments. I love connecting with other mamas.

Weeks 1-9 have been rough for me. Every pregnancy has been rough in the first trimester. I guess it doesn’t start getting better until our body adjusts to being pregnant.

My symptoms are:

  • nausea (all day long)
  • tired and sleepy
  • out of breathe
  • low energy
  • headaches (once in a while, but not often)
  • moody
  • thirsty all the time

Pregnancy cravings:

  • pickles
  • eggs
  • milk
  • fruit
  • chocolate
  • water (lots of water)
  • sushi
My favorite breakfast right now! I could eat this every day! Literally…

Foods I can’t stand the thought of, that I loved before:

  • coffee ( I haven’t been able to have my morning cup for about a week)
  • meat (pretty weird, but I can do without meat right now)

Weight gain:

I actually lost a couple of pounds in the beginning and I heard this is pretty normal. I have not weighed myself again since, but I will be going back to the doctor on the 28th of March.

Due Date:

October 2019. I plan on waiting this one out. I don’t really care if I am 41 weeks pregnant. I want to go into labor naturally. In the past, I have opted in for an induction because I felt it was easier on everyone with missing work and easier on the doctor if I just scheduled birth, but this time around I don’t want to put myself through that much anxiety again. Plus, my new doctor doesn’t seem to be into inductions. We have talked about it already.

Tips for getting through morning sickness:

  • Rest. Take it easy. I get a big burst of energy in the evening hours and I catch up on laundry and dishes at night. Also, my husband is super supportive and understands I feel like crap most of the day, so he doesn’t mind me getting things done when I feel up to it.
  • Eat many small meals throughout the day. Eat crackers or a piece of fruit whenever you feel nausea. I promise that eating a small snack will make it feel better.

The first trimester has been rough for me. I am current on week 9 and it is getting a little bit better, but it is still pretty rough. I know this will pass and we just have to keep this in mind.

Some woman are so lucky and they don’t really feel any different, but this just hasn’t been the case for me. Again, every pregnancy has been very different, but pretty much the same in many ways in the beginning.

How far along are you? What are some things that you have done to make yourself feel better with morning sickness?




    1. Thank you so much! I am following you as well. I absolutely love your writing on your blog. You are very talented. I am so uncomfortable, but yes cherishing every moment of motherhood. Both the good and the bad. 😊😊💜


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