One of the most difficult things as an online entrepenuer is finding a balance between family, self care, and work.

It can definitely get over whelming sometimes.

This week has been so hard for me as I have been picking up more work with deadlines.

And I know other bloggers or anyone who works from home online can relate to this too. It can be so easy to just get comfortable and watch Netflix all day.

So I wanted to share my 9 best tips for remaining as productive as possible as an online entrepeneur.

Honestly, I think of a blogger as an online entrepeneur because most of us bloggers are trying to build a brand. Unless blogging is just a hobby, then it can be different.

There is a sort of mindset that you have to have in order to be successful and productive when working from home.

Here is exactly what I do to balance family & work from home.

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Each day I try to figure out what the most important tasks are for that day way before I even start my day.

So for instance, today my priority was to clean our bathroom ( I had put this off for way too long..) & also needed to come up with some ideas for blog posts because I had been out of ideas for a couple of weeks now.

So I focused on completing these tasks first before starting on anything else.

For instance, if I had a writing job that needed to get done today then that would have been at the top of my list.

It really just depends what I have going on for the day, but you get what I mean.

So at the start of each day ask yourself what tasks absolutely have to get done that day and focus on getting those done first.

This way you get the most important stuff done and have more time for other things on your schedule.


This brings me to my next tip and that is use a planner.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just grab a piece of paper or you can make a note on your phone or computer.

Write down everything that you would like to accomplish for the week.

Writing stuff down makes it so much easier to remember things because if your busy like me, it can be really easy to forget something.


Now that you have written out everything you need to get done for the week, it is now time to schedule out blocks of time for these tasks.

I personally schedule out 1 hour blocks because I have 4 kids at home and usually this is about the amount of time I have for each block.

But if you want to dedicate two or three hour blocks for everything then do this. It is completely up to you.


Once business starts to pick up and you are able to make an investment then I recommend outsourcing.

Hiring a virtual assistant who can take care of tasks that you don’t have time for or that you just don’t enjoy doing can totally boost your productivity.

Hiring a social media manager can also help you be more productive.

A social media manager can help make your brand more visible and more cohesive. They can also stay on top of posting for consistency, if you struggle with this like I do.

Outsourcing is something that a lot of bloggers and newer entrepeneurs don’t think about at first, but it is absolutely necessary to outsource in order for your business to grow and to help it continue to grow.


When we first start an online business, it may seem like we need to be all over social media.

But the best thing to do to be more productive is to focus on being visible on 1 or 2 platforms at the most.

After a good while, we all figure out what works to drive traffic to our blog or website and what doesn’t work.

In the beginning, I was really guilty of this and felt like I needed to be everywhere, but now I only focus on Pinterest and writing great content.

Pinterest together with Tailwind is my number 1 source of traffic and 2nd is my Facebook page.

So I truly only focus on those two.

I am occasionally on Instagram solely to help build a more personal relationship with my audience.


Lately, I have increased my productivity & blog traffic by simply repurposing content.

This is exactly what I do.

I start with older blog posts that have been receiving views. I update the post as needed, make sure links are still working, add any new links that I think could work for that particular topic, and make a new pin for Pinterest.

It works. Especially on weeks where I feel like I don’t have any ideas for content or I just don’t have time to create new content.

This is a great way to keep your views up.


If your anything like me, then you also have a tendency to say yes to a lot of things that we just don’t have time for.

Learn to say no to some opportunities that may not have as great of a return for your business as other opportunities that could really help boost business.

I hate to say it this way, but when we are trying to build a business, we must think this way & we gotta do what is best for our business and its growth.


Alot of times I have felt completely overwhelmed to do things that will help my business grow.

But the number of things I have already done are still out there. I still have my blog linked to all my social media accounts so there is really no need to feel rushed to do something every day for growth because honestly growth is slow.

Even if you work 24/7, growth will still be at a steady pace so no need to over work yourself when there are already things in place to grow your business.

Never feel rushed or compare yourself to someone else’s journey because this is your journey and as long as you don’t give up on it then it will grow to what you want it to be.


Always have a vision for what you are working towards. Spending time on anything that isn’t going to get you where you want to be is pointless and unproductive.

We need to be spending time on tasks that are going to get us to our end game as I like to call it.

So if you want to increase traffic to 10k a month, then spend time on things that are going to get you there.

If your goal is to get 10k followers on Instagram, then focus on consistency on that platform and being relatable to your audience.

Nobody relates to perfection. Be authentic and genuine.

There isn’t anything more irritating then influencers pretending life is perfect all the time because it really isn’t for anyone.

Bonus Tip To Make Life Easier and More Productive:

Schedule your groceries for pickup, delivery, or order prepacked meals from Home Chef.

Shopping online for groceries or anything else I might need has really cut down the time it takes to run to the grocery store every week and it helps my husband and I enjoy the little time we have together at the end of the day or long work week.

And that is it. These are the best tips I have for working productively from home as an online entrepeneur.

Building a brand as a blogger isn’t easy, but little steps and never giving up can get you where you want to be.



  1. It has never crossed my mind to become an entrepreneur, but ever since I started getting serious with my blog, I’ve become one inadvertently. I’ve learnt so much though. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right. We may not think of our blog as a business at first, but its one of those things that just happens with time, I guess. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I really like the idea of time blocking, as well as recycling old content. I think I’ll give them both a shot! I’m also intrigued by the aspect of a virtual assistant. Do you have any recommendations for where to look for this service? Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! So glad you found this post helpful. Facebook is a great place to find and book virtual assistants for services that you need to grow your business. There are both FB groups and business pages that you can check out! Thanks so much for stopping by here! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a WONDERFUL post. You hit the nail on the head with how I feel sometimes. I sat down to discuss some new goals with my husband this week and feel totally overwhelmed. I’m glad to know it’s not just me, for one, and two to get some confirmation that some of the things I’m doing are heading us in the right direction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! It is definitely not just you & it makes me feel better that it is not just me either. I really try to practice what I preach and plan at least one thing that will help my business move forward every day. Meditation and quiet time help me focus too. Best of luck with your business! 💙


  4. You are so in point with your information. I’m a self motivated self starter and have worked from home before as a creative writer. I don’t have a problemas working from home or to get myself motivated.
    I’m new at blogging but I’ve been writing for many years. In the past, i worked for an SEO company, doing creative blog and article writing. Writing freelance blogs are different, however, my deep passion for writing seems to be taking over!

    I was hoping that we could follow each other’s blogs and share them if the need is the. Tweaking advice is welcomed and please comment on how you like the design of the site itself and how is my writing technique?
    It helps to have one another’s support and I really appreciate it!

    Here is my blog site! (If you are on mobile phone it works best (has best overall view) if you go to the top right hand corner of the blog page and click on the the three vertical dots, scroll down and check the box across from (DESKTOP SITE) refresh and your all set!

    Like my fb page for my blog promotion:
    RAW thoughts from Chelle

    Thank you!!!

    Thank you so much and good luck with your blog 😍

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    1. Nice! I love meeting and connecting with other bloggers. You sound very passionate about writing and as long as you love writing you will find success in your blog. Good luck to you and your blog as well. It looks great! Thanks for following mine, I followed yours back!


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