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Whether you’re an impulsive buyer whose wardrobe is flooded every now and then or someone who’s looking for a beautiful, pocket-friendly party dress, here’s some good news. You can now buy or sell fashionable accessories, clothing, and shoes on Poshmark. For those of you who do not know much about this digital marketplace, Poshmark is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows you to buy and sell fashion in just a few quick steps. In this post, we’ll cover different aspects of selling on Poshmark and how you can get more shares and follows to boost your Poshmark sales. Keep reading to know more.

First things first – How to create a Poshmark listing?

Creating a listing on Poshmark is no rocket science. Download the Poshmark app on your iOS or Android device and follow these steps:

  • List your item – Upload images from your gallery or take photos directly from the app.
  • Write a description and put a price tag – Make sure the description is catchy, engaging, and complete. Also, remember that Poshmark charges 20% of your earnings, so fix the price accordingly.
  • Your item is sold, now ship it – Once your product is sold, print out the label sent by Poshmark, pack the item, and ship it.

Poshmark selling tips – You cannot afford to miss them!

Selling on Poshmark is not just about creating a listing and waiting for a sale to happen; you need to put a lot of thought to get quick sales. We’ve put together some interesting Poshmark selling tips to help you get started. Let’s look at them.

Use high-quality, detailed images

Make sure the product images are clear and sharp. Use optimum lighting to get a perfect shot. Display the clothes on a mannequin (or a model, if that’s possible) to give the product a more compelling look. When clicking accessories and shoes, use a white or dark background to enhance the colors.

Avoid selling overused products

Poshmark buyers are good with used products, but overused stuff is a big NO. If you have clothes, shoes, or accessories that are overused or defective, consider trashing them. Nevertheless, if the defect is small or if the product isn’t overused, you can list the product.

Make the most of the Posh Parties

Posh Parties are theme-based virtual shopping events that are conducted at least three to four times daily, throughout the week. Thousands of buyers visit the parties to find something suitable. So, list your product timely and get it out there by sharing!

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Think of your listing as your shop. Buyers will return only if you provide them with lucrative deals, respond quickly, reserve listings for them, ship quickly, and be polite throughout the transaction. Offer buyers discounts if they are buying more than one item. Give a little something for free. Remember, a little extra never hurts, it always helps!

Share listing and spread the word

Poshmark is an online community with wonderful people. If you share someone’s listings, they’ll return the love by sharing yours. Your goal is to spread the word about your listing, right? When fellow sellers or buyers share your listings, it appears on their news feed. So, begin sharing, and shares will follow. In case you do not know, you can even hire virtual assistants to share your listings and grow your sales (we’ll cover this topic in the following section).

Organize your Poshmark closet

If you want your buyers to shop from your closet hassle-free, share all the listings that are unsold. By doing so, you’ll push all the sold items to the bottom of your shop and buyers won’t have to sift through sold out items.

Share on Poshmark and grow your sales

Sharing is the most useful method of interaction between the buyers and sellers using the Poshmark app. You can share your listings, as well as others’. You can also share items directly from your party feed or newsfeed. While there are millions of stories on the newsfeed every day, how will yours stand out? Let’s see.

Best time to share

The best time to share on Poshmark is about an hour before a party, especially the evening party. While many experts suggest sharing during the party, it has been observed that during the party, users hardly check their notifications.
Early morning and late night are also two suitable timings. Even though there are fewer active users on the app during these periods, the limited activity results into your share being visible.

Sharing your closet vs. sharing other closets

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. While it is important to share other closets too, you should focus on sharing your closet only. Share all your listings at least once daily. Sharing listings from news feed or party feeds a few time a week is more than fine.
Don’t follow the share-for-share theory too religiously. Let it be a natural process. If you find someone’s listing to be compelling, go ahead and share it. They’ll return the love by sharing your listing.

The most convenient and quick way to share – Poshmark Sharer

It’s a fact that everyone does not have the time to share all their listings daily, but the fact that sharing is critical to boosting sales is also undeniable. So, what to do in such a scenario?

Well, worry no more, Poshmark Sharer Virtual Assistants are here to help you!

At Poshmark Sharer, you can hire automation free virtual assistants to share your listings and target followers while you’re away.

Benefits of hiring Poshmark Sharer Virtual Assistants:

  • Top-rated automation free virtual assistants to share your listings and target followers.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Multiple virtual assistant packages to suit your requirements.
  • Special offers and discounts when you order for 2 or 3 months.
  • And a lot more…
    Get a custom quote today>

The final thoughts

Now that you’ve identified the best way to share your listing and find followers on Poshmark Sharer, what do you think? Isn’t it a fabulous service to help you get started and pump up your sales? We hope you enjoyed reading the article!


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