3 Of The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Making With Tailwind

Tailwind is a powerful automation tool for Pinterest. Basically, it is a scheduler for your Pinterest pins.

Using Tailwind can be beneficial when trying to generate traffic to your website.

I have been using Tailwind these past few months, I have noticed a few mistakes that I have made that I wish I hadn’t.

But like everything else when starting a blog and freelancing, we all are learning as we go!

Since I already made these mistakes as a beginner to Tailwind, I can write about it here, and it will save you the headache.

Here are the 3 mistakes that I made with Tailwind that you should avoid.

1. Choose Your Tribes Wisely

There is a 10 tribe limit depending on the type of plan you sign up for with Tailwind.

Look for tribes that pin similar content.

Tribes can be searched by using keywords. Use the most effective keywords.

I would suggest looking for keywords like blogging, if your a blogger.

Or keywords that relate to your niche, if your website is for a business.

I chose my tribes without thinking about which tribes I needed to find for my niche and now I am stuck with some tribes that aren’t really useful.

2. Add more time slots

Time slots are the times that Tailwind suggests your Pinterest audience is more engaged and will likely lead to more repins.

In the beginning, I only pinned about 10 times a day, but I recently raised it to between 30 to 40 pins per day.

I have seen tremendous growth from that decision.

So I would suggest using as many time slots as you can or want to use Tailwind effectively.

By effectively, I mean more results and growth in your Pinterest account and website.

3. Don’t forget a description

I don’t know how many times I shared my own pin within my tribes and boards that had no description.

Don’t be like me and overlook the description.

The description is everything. Think about what readers using Pinterest would search for when searching for your pin.

Use relevent keywords and hashtags.

Examples: #bloggingtips|#bloggingformoney | money saving ideas | saving money | blogging for business

Plus, some tribes have rules on having a description, no questions.


Last thing we want as a blogger or writer is for our pin to be deleted for one tiny mistake like forgetting a description.

That would feel horrible.

And that’s it! These were the three mistakes I made with Tailwind as a beginner.

If you have never used Tailwind before, I totally recommend it.

Using Tailwind really had a positive impact on my views and made it really simple to promote my content.

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