Top 3 Blogging Rules I Don’t Follow & Why You Shouldn’t Either

Any blogger can tell you there are a million and one rules to follow in order for your blog to be “successful”.

But I have never been one to follow the crowd.

I am here to tell you that with blogging, you don’t have to follow these strict rules to gain something from your blog.

I am sure that there will be bloggers out there that disagree, and that’s okay because every blogger has their own methods that work for them.

So don’t worry, no matter what rules are out there just know that it is okay to do what works for your blog or website.

Here are the rules I don’t follow right now.

1. Create An Account For Your Blog On Every Social Media Platform Available

At one point I was every social media platform.

I was on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin, and any other platform known to man.

After a year of exhaustingly doing this almost every day, I looked at my analytics and saw that over 90% of my audience is coming from Pinterest.

The other 10% is from Facebook and WordPress Reader.

After discovering this, I decided I would focus on one social media platform, my Pinterest, and promote primarily on there.

I do have a Facebook group called Bloggers Promote & Share and a Facebook page that will bring in a couple of views, but not enough to make me take my focus off of Pinterest.

Lesson: Focus more on the social media platform that brings in the most traffic.

If you use or are interested in using Pinterest, you have to read my post about 6 THINGS I DID ON PINTEREST THAT EXPLODED MY MONTHLY PAGEVIEWS

2. Follow Other Bloggers To Gain More Of A Following

I am guilty of doing this when I first started blogging, and it definitely does show in the number of followers your blog has to date.

The only problem I have found with this trend is that unless you are only blogging about blogging, the audience that has been gained with this strategy won’t necessarily be attracted to your future services unless the service is for bloggers.

This is debateable of course, but for me, since my blog is more about lifestyle topics, my goal is to reach a broader audience.

The follow and then unfollow game can also be a pain which is another big reason why I stopped doing this.

Lesson: It is more beneficial to gain a genuine audience that will grow with your business.

3. Professional looking photos that were taken by you are a must.

As a reader, I personally never really care about professional looking pictures on blog posts.

I am there more for reading the content and learning something from it.

Do I think blog pictures are great Absolutely!

But to be honest, I have read so many blog posts that don’t use any pictures at all and I still remeber their blogs by the content they write and how it helped me.

Lesson: A blog post is more than pictures. Focus on writing quality content that will help and inspire your audience.

These are the top 3 blogging rules that I am currently breaking.

I am gaining a true audience. My numbers may not grow as fast as the next blogger, but I know that the way I am running my blog is what works best for me.

Let me know which rule you are currently breaking.



3 thoughts on “Top 3 Blogging Rules I Don’t Follow & Why You Shouldn’t Either

  1. Great advice!!!! I am in year one trying to be everywhere. 2019 will focusing on social media that brings me traffic. For the rest of the year I am working on Pinterest and followers. Reading you Pinterest article next!

    Liked by 1 person

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