3 Ways Blogging Improved My Mental Health

Blogging can be so rewarding in many ways.

Not only does blogging provide a creative outlet, but for someone like me who does suffer from mild social anxiety, it can truly be a blessing.

This is my personal experience.

Blogging has allowed me to be:

  • A Better Stay At Home Parent
  • More Adventurous
  • & More Confident

This is how…

Blogging Has Made Me A Better Stay At Home Parent To My Kids

Being a stay at home parent is very difficult sometimes, for a lot of different reasons.

It can be stressful on finances, self identity, the marriage, and a lot more if we are not careful.

My situation has forced to put my career goals on hold for maybe about another year at the most. This type of situation can be extremely difficult and sometimes we can even question our self worth.

Blogging has helped me get through this period of becoming a stay at home mom from a working full time mom.

Keeping busy with blogging makes it easier to keep my mind focused on what I can do right now versus what I am missing in life.

I have noticed a definite mood change. I am more positive and in a happier mood almost all the time!

I still have my moments, but I am definitely able to cherish this time and realize how blessed I am today!

Blogging Made Me More Adventurous

When your a blogger, your more likely to read other blogs.

I have been obcessed with travel blogs after my recent move to Colorado.

These blogs make me feel courageous enough to hit those mountain trails, go bike riding, and skiing.

All the things I never really wanted to do before because of how anxious these activities would make me feel.

I feared my kids would get hurt and doubting that these activities were even meant for people with children.

But surprisingly, there are so many parents who take their kids on these types of outdoor adventures and they blog about it.

I am definitely more willing to go out there and blog about my own adventures. And I can’t wait to get started!

Blogging Has Made Me More Confident

It was getting bad.

My anxiety was making me fearful of going to places like the grocery store and the library.

Not good!

I was scrambling to find a way to make myself feel normal and better about these things.

Blogging helped to get over these fears a little bit at a time. I have taken my kids to the park all by myself and it wasn’t so bad.

I gain confidence everyday knowing that what I am doing today with blogging will help me with my full time career in technology.

The design aspect, the writing, the social media marketing, all of that jazz WILL help me continue to be successful at anything I chose to do.

I have learned so many skills through blogging, that I wouldn’t doubt I could build a successful online business from the ground up in any market.

Now that’s confidence!

So this is my story. The story about the mom who fearfully hid in her home and now finally has the courage to at least write this blog post.

What’s your story?

The overall goal with revealing my fears is to help you realize that no matter what you are doing today know that as long as you keep dreaming God has you exactly where you should be!

You Do Matter!



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