6 Things I Did To Explode My Blog Traffic By Using Pinterest

If you haven’t discovered the power Pinterest has at generating traffic to your website, then you are missing out!

I discovered the power of Pinterest when I saw first hand the traffic Pinterest can drive to a website, almost on auto pilot.

After about an year of blogging, I was tired of wasting energy on other social media platforms. I wasn’t really seeing a return on that effort.

I decided to focus on one social media platform, and that was Pinterest.

I figured my target audience is on Pinterest anyway, so promoting my website on there has been a smart move.

After a short time of implementing somewhat of a strategy, I have really seen growth in my Pinterest account.

I have seen an increase of clicks on my pins to my blog.

In no way am I saying I get thousands of views, but I do get hundreds from Pinterest and I figure it can only get better.

Here is what I did.

1. Joined Group Boards

I noticed a big change when I joined some group boards. I stumbled upon some when I researched group boards with a Google search.

Not all group boards are the same and some of them you may not see much traffic from them at all.

This is why the next change I made was super important too.

Join group boards that are active and are relevant to your niche to get the most out of them.

2. Changed From A Personal To A Business Pinterest Account

I would recommend changing from a personal account to a business account on Pinterest.

A business account provides tools for studying your audience and growth.

It wasn’t until I changed from a personal account to a business Pinterest account, that I really started paying attention to these numbers.

Also, I am able analyze which pins are doing better than others.

This is very helpful when trying to figure out the best pin design.

3. Joined Tailwind

I definitely saw an increase in views when I started using Tailwind.

Tailwind is a tool that let’s you schedule pins at optimal times of the day.

I started out by using a referral link to Tailwind and once I was done with the free trial I liked it so much I opted to continue with a free $15 credit that I received by using a referral link like this one.

Using the tribes feature with Tailwind also had a positive effect on my blog.

I will have to get more specific about Tailwind in another blog post.

4. Study Your Analytics

Tailwind and a Pinterest business account can both provide some veey helpful analytics.

Tailwind will keep track of what boards have the most engagement and the best times to pin.

With a Pinterest business account, the analytics provided can tell you a lot about your audience and what they are looking for on Pinterest.

I can also keep track of which pins did the best through these two platforms combined.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Pinterest is one giant search engine so understanding SEO is extremely helpful.

Search engine optimization is basically keywords a user of Pinterest will type in when they search for articles.

Add popular keywords to board titles and pin descriptions.

Keep the titles of boards simple and the descriptions.packed with at least 4 to 5 keywords.

I probably want to get deeper into this on a seperate post because of the importance.

One more change I made is the amount of times I set up my Tailwind for pinning.

Currently, I am trying to schedule between 30 to 40 pins a day. I will update this list if I see improvement with that change.

Short list of really simple changes to make with Pinterest to improve the click rate to your website.

If you have any other tips to add, please leave a comment.



2 thoughts on “6 Things I Did To Explode My Blog Traffic By Using Pinterest

    1. I am apart of four myself so that is great number. Once you change over to a business account look at your analytics and see which group board is most active in sharing your pins and share your pins to those boards the most. I hope this helps!

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