5 Simple Ways To Make Money At Home Without A Computer

Being a stay at home parent is hard enough, and most of the time there is a need for more household income.

Stop stressing because there are definitely ways to contribute financially as a stay at home parent.

Here are 5 ways to make money from home.

Make money through:

I pretty much do or have done all of these easy & simple things to make some income as a stay-at-home parent and even as a working parent for some extra cash.

1. Freelance Work

This can be anything from online marketing to social media marketing to writing articles & so much more.

Fiverr is a great platform to use to start promoting your services.


Search through the app at jobs that have been posted to get an idea for your first gig.

While you look the all the creative gigs from other freelancers, I guarantee it will generate an idea of what you can do to earn that cash!

Currently, I have one gig that I am promoting. Here is the link to it.


I am new to this platform for freelancers, but so far so good. I have heard a ton of people talk about making some good side income through here.

If you are interested I will give a 50% discount to my readers for this service. Message me on Fiverr for details.

2. Grocery Shopping

I HATE grocery shopping. I guess its because with it being summer break and with my kids being home, I have been at the grocery store every other day it seems.

But, my rewards points towards gas fillups has been a big help towards saving money and as well as using the Ibotta app.


Ibotta literally gives you cash back on your purchases for many different retailers.

Use my referral link for Ibotta and get $10 in your account just for signing up.


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Take advantage of this incentive. When I signed up, I started with $0 but quickly got like a $5 bonus.

So far, I have earned almost $35 and I have transferred some of that money into my bank account.


I could have earned more, but I am not consistant.

The trick to earning more with this app is to be consistant and it also helps to glance at the app for items you can get cash back on before going to any store.

Online purchases can also earn you cash back.

Tip: Take a moment to go through the app each time you put your groceries away instead of waiting for the next day.

3. Delivery Services

Side hustles like Doordash and UberEats can help you make some quick cash.

Drivers earn tips and are paid per delivery weekly.

This side hustle is perfect for stay at home parents or students who need a flexible work schedule and like to work when they want.

This could be a full time or part time income for anyone.

The only qualifications are to pass a background check and have a vehicle.

But definitely worth trying if you are in need of some quick cash in your bank account.

Use my link and get a free $7 towards your first food order. That’s like a free meal for a friend. 😉


4. Selling Clothing and Accessories

I have always been the type of girl to get rid of my old stuff to make room for the new.

And sometimes clothes don’t fit as well once we have left the store or as a parent, we didn’t get to try it on properly because the baby was crying.

So what I do with items that are still practically new, I sell them online at sites like Threadup.

Just snap a picture, put a price on it, and someone is sure to take it off your hands.

Threadup can even turn into a sort of online business. If you are good at finding name brand items for good prices. You can turn that skill into a profit on the Threadup app.

Use my referral code for Threadup and get a free $10 to use towards your first purchase.


5. Referral Programs

Another cool way to make money from home is through referral programs.

Let’s say you have been using a product and you really like it. Look into a referral code to give to your family.

Usually the company will give your friend or family member an incentive for their first purchase or to sign up.

The company will then reward you for spreading the word about their products and sending your friends to their site.

I always, always, always give out my referral link to Grove Collaborative to my friends and family because I trust the products and they are all natural.

Grove Collaborative will give anyone who uses my referral link right now a five piece set of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.


And then I get a credit to use towards my future purchases.

Anyone who has a Grove Collaborative account has a referral linkto give.

The great thing about Grove is that they have all kinds of all natural products from shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and even skin care.

Go check out their website here and use your referral code to start earning credits today.


It can be so easy to make money from home as a stay at home parent.

These are not conventional ways to make money, but if you are trying to make get a little side cash for saving or you want to earn just a bit of extra spending money these ideas are definitely worth trying.

Have you tried any of these before?


**All links are simple referral codes. I am not affliated with any of these brands.**



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