OOTD | Work Outfit of the Day

Hi Y’all! It is very cold here today. There is ice on the ground & it is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit here in Texas. We basically are just covered in ice here. No snow, just ice.

Normally, I will just work from home, but when I have to leave, I will usually wear something like this.

I am very simple when it comes to fashion, and I love to buy things that will last a long time, are affordable & neutral in color.

Today, I wore a gold colored long sleeve shirt and a black vest, both are from Kohls. I love how the gold shirt has a sparkle to it, and it is comfortable. Comfort is something I look for when I buy clothes.

I layered that with a white scarf that was gifted

My jeans are a dark denim skinny jean that I bought at Target. I can’t have any rips in my jeans, for work at least.

I went for my longer, below the knee black boots that were also gifted, but I believe they are from JCPenney.

I am really careful when choosing my jewelry right now because my 9 month old will just try to rip it off me & play with it.

So I have been wearing mostly small stud earrings. Today I wore some small gold toned earrings.

That is it for my outfit of the day. I hope you enjoyed this, and I also hope to do more of this because I really enjoyed taking these pictures.

What are your go-to fashion items for icy days?

Until next time friends…


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