Happy New Year

Hi! So New Year’s Eve is tomorrow! I can’t believe there is about a day in a half or less depending on where you are in the world left in 2017! 

I am making some resolutions, and intend to keep them. I can never make just one resolution. I like challenges, so I always have more than one resolution every year. I am only making resolutions I can keep. If you need some encouragement to keep yours, I wrote a blog post that will help.

Here are my resolutions:

  1. Read more books.
  2. Write a few times more a week.
  3. Work on my website.
  4. Continue blogging.
  5. Be more forgiving, and let go of negative people.

I should be able to pull this off. Believe it or not, my number 5 resolution will be the most difficult to accomplish, but it is not impossible.

I also wanted to get some more support over at my Home Improvement/DIY blog. I know I can count on this community for support. Short post, I know, but I wanted to keep this short and just chit chat a little.

Thanks for all the support! You all are just so amazing!

Tell me..What are your resolutions for this New Year?

Until next time friends, take care & Happy New Year!!


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