How To Be Successful With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Y’all! Can you believe the year is just about over? As I am writing this there is about 4 days left till the new year.

When it comes to the new year the first thing everyone does is make new year’s resolutions. Some stick it out, but most don’t. I haven’t made any resolutions yet, but I definitely plan to make some for this coming year. I can almost guarantee I will achieve my new year resolutions, and here is why.

The most important way to guarantee that you are successful at completing your new year’s resolution is to set an attainable goal.

Do not set yourself up for failure. If you know that you will never be able to give up dessert or sweets, don’t make that your resolution. Things like drinking more water everyday or taking time for self care, those are achievable because you aren’t giving up anything, and are just adding something into your normal routine.

Something that will help with your success is setting an alarm or scheduling in this goal during the week. Set an alarm on your phone in the morning to remind yourself to drink a glass of water, and another one in the afternoon. Schedule in some time when it is convenient to take care of yourself, if that is your resolution. Reminding yourself of what you are trying to accomplish is key in your success.

Remember to stay consistent. Set a recurring alarm on your phone to remind yourself or write a note to yourself, and stick it on your mirror so that it is visible everyday. Anything you need to do to remind yourself of your resolution can improve the chances of success.

Finally, believe in yourself. Achieving goals is mostly about your mindset. If your resolution is something you absolutely want to achieve this new year, then make sure you tell yourself everyday not to give up.

It is definitely OK if you fail to drink water for a day or two, but start over again. Don’t just say “oh well I failed”, tell yourself ” I want to achieve this & I need to start again today”.

I really hope these tips can help you achieve whatever New Year’s resolution you have set for yourself. Remember, YOU CAN do this, and the only person that can stop you from achieving a goal is you.

Tell me..what helps you achieve your goals and stick to your new year’s resolutions?

Until next time friends, take care & Happy New Year!!


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7 thoughts on “How To Be Successful With Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Writing out my goals or printing them out on a vision board definitely works for me. I add on some pictures and write about why I wanna achieve what I wanna achieve and read this every morning 💁🏻

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  2. Loved this post! ❤ Definitely agree on being consistent, there's nothing like being able to do something regularly; it's the best way to keep the resolutions up. And of course, the 'you can do this!' always works. Great advise 😀

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