Monday Motivation – 3 Reasons To Work Out

Hello Y’all! I hope your weekend was awesome! And now it’s Monday. 😕😛 I always love reading motivational monday posts, and decided I would do one myself.

I may be alone on this, but I don’t mind Mondays. Its is the start of a new week, and I just love starting fresh. A new week, and new goals to reach.

This week, I really want to focus on my fitness goals. I haven’t been working out as much as I have wanted to, and that’s OK.

I have had all my kids home all week long, so it was really hectic. Last week was not really a structured week. It was kind of all over the place, but this week, starting today, they have gone back to school and we are back to our normal routine. Until the long Christmas break, of course. 😂😂😂

Back to my workout goals. This got me thinking. What are my goals from working out? I think this is very important to think about and decide for anyone trying to workout.

For me, my goals for working out are

  1. to be healthy
  2. get active
  3. and work on my core

because after having a baby 8 months ago, I am just not happy with how it looks right now.

But for you, it could be a number of other goals such as running longer distances,  working up to running, losing weight, or gaining muscle…

It is important to decide though what exactly is the ultimate goal when starting a workout routine.

For me, it is my core, and I have started doing a number of things to acheive this goal.

1. I have cut back on sugar.

I love sugar, but I noticed it doesn’t love me. It goes right to my gut. I have been drinking way more water in place of soda or other sugary drinks. I still drink coffee with cream and sugar because sometimes I need a pick me up. Especially on a  Monday morning. But everything else ✌🙅

2. I go for a walk during the week.

My husband and I have been either going for a walk around the block after dinner or we walk up and down our walkway in our back yard while our kids play. It helps our food digest easier, and it is a way of staying active too.

3. Focusing on my core when I workout.

When I workout there are a few things I must do.

Number one is a warmup. Because I am in my 30s, I need to do a warmup to avoid injury, but I believe a warmup is important no matter what age you are.

I also do more workouts that are focused for abdominal strength such as situps, crunches, all that good stuff.

I try to do this every other day, all week and take a break from working out on the weekends

I workout other areas too, like my legs, arms, and my body as a whole overall, but not as much. Probably about once a week.

I wanted to share with all of you some YouTube videos I have been following when working out.

5 Minute Warmup At Home

Intense 10 Minute Ab Workout for A Flat Stomach

Ab Workout for Beginners

Last, I think I mentioned this in my Fall Workout Routine, but I have tried to find the best time to work out.

For me it is in the evening because that is just a more convenient time for me, but also it helps me sleep better at night. I guess because I am tired afterwards. That may change with time. Working out may make me feel more energetic in the future, who knows. 💁

I really hope this motivated you in some way. Either way, let’s get this week started right and acheive our goals!

I also wanted to tell you that you can find me most on my Instagram and Twitter.

I am most active on Instagram with Twitter coming in at a a close second. But I hope to see you there!

I really wanted to leave you with a motivational quote for the week loves!

Until next time friends, take care..


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