Seriously, Why Am I Blogging?

Hello Y’all! Hope your day is going better than mine. The flu has swept through my home taking victim of my family one by one, and no matter how much Lysol I spray around my home I feel like it just will not go away. 😷 Needless to say the pediatrician and I have become great friends this past week.

Lately, I have had mixed feelings about blogging. I have been asked a lot recently, why did I start blogging. Initially, I thought I could make it into a business, but writing without thinking of it as a business has proved to be much more fun. If it turns into a business one day then great, but if not I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

I still have some fears when it comes to blogging.

  1. How personal do I want to get with my readers?
  2. Do my readers prefer general uplifting content versus how I am truly feeling that day?
  3. Should I schedule my posts so you know when to expect a blog post?

There are so many factors to consider when blogging, even if it is just for fun because ultimately we bloggers continue blogging for our readers.

The truth is each and everyone of you reading this play an important part in my blogging journey. I mean, I guess I could write without an audience, but it just wouldn’t be as meaningful.

Also, I really just want to say thank you for reading, and making me feel like I am not wasting time writing this blog. I have felt down the last few days about the content that I have been creating and sharing. And everytime I think about giving up, something happens that makes me change my mind. That has to mean something, right!? I am taking that as a sign to keep going, and not give up on this.

Finally, I apologize about this random post. This is what i am feeling today, and I was wanting to connect with you all, even though I wasn’t feeling 100 percent myself today. Although writing this and being real with all of you has made me feel so much better.

Until next time friends, take care.


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9 thoughts on “Seriously, Why Am I Blogging?

  1. I think a lot of the same things when I write my blog posts but I am happy I am a lot more confident when writing now. I think sometimes you just have to write and don’t worry about the way it sounds. Writing from the heart is always best but there are times when its good to write informational pieces too. Great blog!

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  2. Seriously, that was all I wanna say why I do blog. Writing is fun. Expressing yourself, your feelings and thought is fulfilling. You don’t have to wait for a great day coming or a special event to write. Everyday has something good in it. And writing it is life-fulfilling 🙂 That’s what I learned. Thank you for a great post. *wink*

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    1. Your right. Everyday is a blessing and I should feel motivated to write. I just prefer to write when I am happy. It is just my personality. Thanks for reading and for the feedback. 😊

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  3. Yep! My sentiments exactly today as well. I am new to this world and have been trying so hard to figure it all out. Every time I turn around, I read something that I am supposed to be doing that I haven’t heard of before. Like you, I would love to make money with my blog but what I really want is just to put stuff out there that might help. Doesn’t help if no one reads though! Just wanted you to know that you are not alone and thanks for helping me know I’m not alone either.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, exactly how I feel. Wasn’t sure if I was making sense in this blog post, but yes, thank you for letting me know I am not alone. Thanks for the support! 👐💚


  4. I relate to this so heavily. I want so badly to do my best and create solid content and I am just not sure I’m really getting it. Plus I’ve been struggling with how personal I want to get with my blog as well. I have decided to prewrite and do scheduled posts but then I can’t decide how often I want to post. Very relatable. You’re not alone!

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