Blogtober Day 20/21 – Gym vs At Home Workouts

Hello y’all! Hope you are enjoying your day so far. If not, I truly hope it gets better for you.

Yesterday’s post was My Birthday Wish List! Go catch up on that. Or start at the begining of my Blogtober journey here.

 So I have really tried for the past week to stay healthy and motivated to workout at home. I really want to start capturing my journey on Instagram. If you are interested I would love to connect there with you, and we can do this together.

There are a few reasons I work out at home versus a gym. And here they are..

1. Uncomfortable

I am very private and shy most of the time, so going to the gym feels awkward. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable, and I would probably feel like everyone is looking at me, even if they are not.

2. Babies

Although, some mothers are able to go to the gym just fine. I personally would feel more stressed about the experience if I had to take even just one of my children along. And the point of me working out is to destress. I also nurse my baby right now, so it would just be really difficult to do that right now.

3. Germs

Again this is just my personal preference, I just cannot risk getting sick at the gym. I would feel horrible if I brought home a cold or something worse to my family just because I went to the gym.

4. Environment

At home, I can have on music as loud as I want, watch my favorite TV show while I work out, or even have complete silence for the moment. I am in full control of the environment at home 

5. What if..

I would be so embarrased if I fell flat on my face or was using a machine at the gym the wrong way. There is a good chance this wouldn’t happen, but if it did I would rather it happen at home.

Don’t get me wrong the gym is great, and I am sure I will join a gym in the future. Right now it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I can name a million reasons why a gym is better than working out at home too.

What do you prefer at home or gym?

Let me know in the comments. Remember let’s connect on Instagram, and let’s kill this working out goal together.

Until next time, take care. 

💕 -Jen

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11 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 20/21 – Gym vs At Home Workouts

  1. I love working out, but my motivation is so much better at the gym. I just am so distracted at home. I do though agree with all the reasons you posted about working out at home. I have had a gym membership I think 3 different times in my life, and each time I’ve ended the membership it was because money was tight at the time. Like you said, I have to set and continue to remind myself of the goals. That is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. I am distracted at home right now too. Which is why I now do my workout when everyone is asleep. Lol. It is a battle. But I do miss a gym! Hopefully I can fit that into my schedule soon. Thanks for reading! 😊💪


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I need to check it out! Also, thank you for nominating me, I hope you didn’t miss my comment on the post. I am so thankful that you would think of my blog. And yes, I would love to pay it forward! Thanks so much again. 😊😊❤❤

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      1. Also I have a question – being hat I’m new to this blog life… If you look on my page it shows every single blog I have written, is there a way that I can have it go to a separate page because I feel like it’s just ongoing?

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      2. Not sure. Mine is the same as yours. I would suggest changing the theme. Different themes have different ways of listing the blog posts. I think it looks your blog looks great and not long at all. I have seen some that show the entire post, one after the other, but yours at least has the continue reading option. 😊

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      3. Thats true… The continue reading is an option when I post. I think its the last icon that looks like a street just in case you wanna add it in.


  2. Oh the what if’s get me everytime, so I get where you’re coming from. And I’m the type of person who would fall on my face, probably just walking through the door, I’ve got my exercise bike at home, wanting a treadmill and my work keeps me on my toes, hopefully enough to keep me away from the gym… until I gain some confidence – or become less accident prone x x

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