Blogtober Day 18 – Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

You may not want to hear this, as you don’t ever listen to anyone but…

Be patient. Be kind to others. Love wholeheartedly.

You are beyond blessed. Although it may seem like life is just unbearable and miserable, enjoy the little things.

You are healthy, and you have parents that love and care about you more than you could ever know. Show appreciation for that.

Make time because before you know it time will be up, and you will wish with all your heart that you had just made more time for them. You will wish that you could have one more second with them. To hear them laugh or see them smile once more. MAKE TIME!

Don’t waste time on people who aren’t helping you be the best you. Those “friends” won’t be there in a few years. Realize who will be there for you time and time again, and that is family.

It is OK to be alone, you won’t be alone forever and believe it or not you will want some time alone later. Enjoy that now.

And last, you are beautiful, no matter what anyone else tells you. Love yourself.

Yours Truly,

Jenny 💕

P.S. I kept this short and sweet, as we all know how short your attention span is.

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