Blogtober Day 13 – Blogs In Review

Hello Y’all! Today is Day 13 of Blogtober 2017! Go catch up on my Blogtober posts starting from Day 1.

Today I just wanted to give a shoutout to some bloggers that I have been really inspired by, and wanted to share their blogs with all of you. Go check them out. They are all awesome. Here we go. This is on no particular order.

1. Thirty On Tap

This is a group of bloggers whose writers contribute positive, uplifting stories about their personal experiences and opinions. I literally love every single one of their blog posts, and I can relate to all of their stories about parenting.

2. BlogAlongWithMe

I love how honest this blogger is in her posts. Some of them are about topics that some bloggers may avoid, but I love reading these topics because it may be something that others need to hear so that they know they aren’t alone. I also love her life updates too.

3. Everything Beauty

If you love makeup, you will love her posts. She offers a ton of makeup ideas and beauty tips, as well as lifestyle posts that are very interesting to read. I love how she puts a lot of cute pictures in her blog posts too.

These are three bloggers that I have been currently reading and loving. Go check them out and give them a folow. I hope you enjoy their blog posts as much as I do.

Let me know what bloggers you are currently reading, so I can go check them out. I love to discover new blogs.

Until next time, take care.

💕- Jen

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