Blogtober Day 12 – 10 Things I Love and Cannot Live Without!

Hi Y’all! Hope all of you are having a lovely day! 

Yesterday’s blog post was A Day In My Life In Pictures, so go check that out! Or start with Day 1 of Blogtober and catch up.

I wanted to do just a quick little post today on the things I love, and cannot live without. So here we go..

1. Phone

I have to have my mobile device most of the time, and I do it mostly for blogging purposes to keep up with my blogging social media accounts. It is rare that I post something to my personal account any longer.

2. Coffee

I am obcessed with coffee. I drink at least two cups a day, sometimes three. I always start my day with a cup.

3. PJs

I love being comfortable. When I am at home, you can find me in comfortable clothing. Especially right now that it is a little chilly, I have been wearing my warm PJs or leggings and a large shirt is my go to at home.

4. Mascara

Even when I do not wear any other makeup. I always wear mascara. I love to have long eyelashes all the time and mascara makes my eyes look pretty.

5. Hair ties

Now that I have a 6 month old baby. I tie my hair back all the time because other wise he will pull it. I can’t wait until I can wear my hair down again, but for now I cannot live without my hair ties.

6. Flat Iron

When I have a special occasion, I will use a flat iron. Since I always have my hair up right now, it is a must that I iron it out before any important event. Even though most of the time, I just end up picking it up again.

7. Pen and Paper

I love having something to write on. This way if an idea for a blog post pops in my head then I can right it down. I also like to write down things I need to get done so that I will not forget.

8. Chapstick

Along with mascara. I need chap stick all the time, because I have dry lips all the time.

9. Lotion

I also have dry hands from washing them so much. With kids I need to make sure my hands are clean. Even if I buy moisturizing soap my hands get very dry, so lotion for my hands is a must.

10. Family

Last, but not least, my family. I love my family and could not live without them. They complete and are my world. They are also the reason I am who I am today and my drive to be a better person everyday. I can’t express enough how much I love them and need them.

What do you find you cannot live without?

Discover some amazing bloggers through the orange pic at the bottom of this post. Til next time, take care.



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