Blogtober Day 11 – A Day In My Life In Pictures

Hi Y’all! Welcome to Day 11 of Blogtober. Hope you all had a wonderful blessed day.

Catch up on my Blogtober posts here, with Day 1. Yesterday’s post was all about my Autumn faves.

Today I just wanted to do a quick little post using mostly pictures. I am not that great at taking pictures throughout the day, but just know that I tried my best. So here it goes..

David, Daniel, and I always start our mornings on the play mat. I have to have my coffee first thing in the morning and C is for coffee. 🌄☕

It was pretty gloomy throughout the day today. Good thing I work from home. ☔⛅

Somewhere in between I ate breakfast and dinner, but was so hungry I forgot to take a picture before I ate it. 🍳🍴🍔🍟

More playtime on the alphabet mat. I have no idea how I find the time to actually work. 👶👦

Another coffee in between. Gotta keep up my energy some how. 💁☕

An afternoon snack. My oldest son brought home candy bars for a fundraiser. 🍫🍭

Finally, it is bedtime. Goodnight🌛

Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into my life. I know I am not the best photographer and it was pretty difficult taking pictures in the midst of all the chaos in my home.

I will definitely be trying this out again. It was fun!

Til next time, take care.

💕- Jen

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