Blogtober Day 10 – Autumn Favorites

Hello Y’all! Hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed day! Today is Day 10 of #blogtober17.

Yesterday was Day 9 of blogtober, and it was all about motivation. For 5 ways to recharge and get your motivation back, click here, and go catch up. 

So I know that in most places across the world, it has felt like Autumn for a while now, but here in Texas, we have continuously had 90 degree weather. Until today because we had our first cold front roll through, and I was so excited! It finally feels like Autumn here. So I wanted to catch up with the other Fall Favorites blog posts, and do one myself. 

So here are my Fall Favorites. I am a real simple person, so here are the little things I enjoy about Autumn.

1. Colder Weather

It is hot year-round here in Texas. So the second I get some colder weather, I get so excited. Colder weather means I can go outside without getting bit by a thousand bugs. And I love being outdoors. When it gets too cold to go outside, I don’t mind staying indoors where it is nice, warm, and cozy.

2. Hot Drinks

I drink coffee all the time, but it feels much nicer to drink my coffee or hot cocoa this time of year. I love to snuggle up on my sofa with a nice hot cup, and enjoy a movie with my love.

3. Boots

I love being able to change up my wardrobe for Autumn. I love wearing boots, so when the weather changes I immediately pull out my boots. Boots go with everything. My favorite  way to wear boots is super casual. A sweater, fleece lined leggings, boots, and a scarf are my go to items for Autumn.

4. Candles

I love candles, and I feel like I use them more during Autumn. Maybe because it is dark and cold, and candles bring light and warmth. Either way, my favorite scent is cinnamon, so I make sure to have a cinnamon scented candle this time of year.

5. Sports

I love watching American football this time of year. Once the season starts, it immediately feels like Autumn no matter what the weather is like outside. This includes all the nice, warm comfort food made while watching football too. Yum!

So those are just five of my favorite things about Autumn. All of these things remind me that Autumn is finally here! 

What are some of your Fall Favorites?

Don’t forget to click on the orange blogtober picture down below to check out some other really amazing bloggers that I know you will enjoy! Til next time, take care.

💕 -Jen



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3 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 10 – Autumn Favorites

  1. I sooooo agree when it comes to EVERYTHING on your list. Specially coffee and cold weather. I actually hate being cold but I’m Obsessed with winter clothes and fall clothes. Love it! Also I’m prettt much a coffee addict so lol there’s that

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