Blogtober Day 8 – Vacation/Holiday Essentials

Hello Y’all! Welcome to day 8 of #blogtober17. Today’s topic is holidays or vacation (used here in the US). 

Day 7 blogtober post was my October Goals, click here to catch up! 

Everyone needs a holiday/vacation once in a while. Here is a short list of some untangible things I make sure to take with me on a vacation, and I hope you do too.

1. A Clear Mind

I always make sure to leave my worries and my everyday life behind so that I am able to enjoy my holiday/ vacation.

2. A Positive Attitude

I also leave with a positive attitude. Even if things seem to be going wrong, who cares you are on holiday/vacation. Be happy.

3. An Adventurous Spirit

No matter where you end up on your vacation/holiday, live a little. Try something you have never done before because we only live once.

So that is it, three small essentials we can all think about taking with us on holiday/vacation. It will not cost us a thing to take these along with us.

What is one essential you take with you?

Join me for Day 9 of Blogtober 2017. Tomorrow’s topic is ice cream.

Remember click that orange picture at the bottom of this post to discover many other amazing bloggers participating in Blogtober 2017. Til next time, take care!

💕 -Jen



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