Blogtober Day 6 – Flowers

Hello Y’all! Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday. It’s Friday and the weekend is just getting started.

Today is Day 6 of #blogtober2017. Yesterday’s Day 5 blogtober post was 5 tips on studying effectively. Click here to go check it out!

Today the topic is flowers. Flowers grow year round where I live. We have roses that bloom only at the start of the year and lillys that bloom every time spring comes around. 

Flowers are used for so many occasions. They can be a nice gift for a happy occasion such as a birth, birthday, or anniversary. Valentine’s Day is dedicated to flowers, and are almost expected if you have a partner or spouse. 

Weddings are also a happy occasion where flowers are used all over the venue. They are used for centerpieces, bouquets, and anywhere else the bride feels like putting them.

And who doesn’t love just putting flowers on their dining room table or entry way for a nice addition to their home decor. Flowers can be fun to use in pictures. I can’t count how many times my little girls have picked flowers to put in their hair or make a crown of flowers for fun. See there are so many ways that flowers bring joy.

But flowers can also express the loss of someone, and are sent as condolences for someone who has passed. Or they can be a bought as a sign of peace, and forgiveness when a couple has had an argument.

Flowers can express all types of emotion, but the one constant thing about flowers is that they are all beautiful.

If you made it this far. Thanks so much for reading my thoughts. I just wanted to make this blog post as casual as possible. I will end it with some beautiful pictures of flowers. I hope you enjoy!

What is your favorite flower?

Blogtober2017 continues tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out some other bloggers from all over the world by clicking the blogtober picture at the bottom. Til next time, take care.

💕 -Jen



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