Blogtober Day 5 – Five Study Tips That Work

Hello Y’all! Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

Today is Day 5 of #blogtober17. Day 4 for blogtober was a post about relationships, and how to make them stronger. You can check out day 4’s post right here.

Day 5 topic is education. I just graduated from a 2 year program in information technology, and I am currently working on my bachelor’s. So I decided I would list some things that help me stay on track with my studies.

1. Have a weekly plan.

School can get really hectic, especially when you are trying to juggle other responsibilities too. That is why I always found it helpful to either write things down in a planner, calendar, or even a sticky note. Write things down where you can see it. This helps to not forget anything important such as a deadline. This can be done on electronic devices too, by setting a notification reminder to ourselves that will go off a week, a day, or even an hour in advance.

2. Environment is important.

The environment you study in is important. If you find that you just can’t concentrate at home, it is OK to take your study sessh to a coffee shop or library. If you find that you are more productive out in a public place, why not. Some students are more productive in a group setting. So maybe finding a group of friends to study with can help. Figure out where you are most productive, and do what works for you.

3. Do not procrastinate.

I get it, I know it is so hard to give up any free time that you have, but the further along in your degree the more it time it takes up. I have put off things, but I have found that it is much less stressful when I just get it done beforehand. If you have some free time, and have a big assignment due at the end of the week, start as early as possible. Believe me, when it is the night before the assignment is due and you have more than half of it done, you are going to feel so much better about that.

4.  Ask for help.

If you need help with an assignment or any topic you just do not understand, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most universities have resources there to help, and most professors can be contacted in so many ways. Also, if you know someone in your class that is willing to help you, and you feel more comfortable going this route. Why not?! Whatever is going to help you get to the finish line, just ask someone.

5. Do your research.

I remember this past year I had difficulty learning the concept of subnetting, something that is absolutely important for my career field. So what helped me so was looking up YouTube videos about that topic. Sometimes we need information explained a different way in order to understand it better.

Also, in my research I found some amazing study sessions that are broadcasted live online. These study sessions help prepare anyone for certification tests necessary in my field. So whatever field you are studying, I am sure there are some valuable resources out there that can help you out when studying.

So those are my 5 tips for effective studying. I hope this can help you accomplish your goals.

Thanks so much for reading. There is an orange picture at the bottom that will take you to other amazing bloggers participating in this year’s #blogtober17. Don’t forget to check them out!

What tips can you give others that have helped you study?

Leave those tips in the comments below. Tomorrow’s topic for Day 6 of blogtober is flowers. Til tomorrow, take care.

💕 -Jen



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