Blogtober Day 3 – Musthaves In My Car

Hello Y’all! Hope it you are having a blessed Tuesday! Yesterday’s blogtober day 2 post was a Baby Product Review!

Go check that out!

The topic for the 3rd day of #blogtober is car. So I thought I would talk about some items that I have to have in my car.

Some items are for just me, and some items are great when you are driving children around.

These aren’t the typical items like insurance card or drivers license or anything like that, cause those are obvious!

Anyway, here is my list.

1. Chapstick 💋

If you have dry lips like I do, then make sure to carry a chapstick in your car. I have one in my purse and one in my car just in case. If you find yourself sitting in a drivethru with some free time, moisturize those gorgeous lips.

2. Hand sanitizer 😷

This is an absolute must have. If I pump gas or need to eat in my car, I need to have something to clean my hands and get rid of those nasty germs. It just makes me feel so much better and cleaner.

3. Umbrella ☔

You never know when it will start to rain. Even if you live in a drier climate like me, it will decide to rain out of no where, so it is so much better to be prepared than not.
4. Baby wipes

With kids, I have to have baby wipes for sticky faces and hands. It also comes in handy even when I am without the kids. I hate being sticky.

5. Jacket or sweater 🍁

If you are a cold person like me, I have to carry a jacket or sweater around everywhere because I hate being cold. I love to be cozy and warm.

6. Coin purse 👛

I find this useful because it is always good to have change for things like air for a low tire or a toll road. You just never know is what I always say.

7. Water bottle 💦

I carry a few extra unopened water bottles in my car. Sometimes I need something to drink, and there isn’t anywhere close by to get a drink. So again, better to have them than not.

8. Lotion 👋

I love to carry lotion. My hands get really dry, and I love the way lotion smells.

9.  Phone charger 📞

I have to have a charger in my car because I am always on my phone and in case of an emergency too. 😉

10. Gum 🙊

Because it is always good to have fresh smelling breath when you are out and about.

What are some items that you must have in your car?

💕- Jen

Tomorrow’s blogtober topic is date!

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8 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 3 – Musthaves In My Car

  1. I really should put a phone charger in my car – I just always forget! Totally agree with having an umbrella in your car – I’ve relied on mine for surprise rain showers many a time!

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