Blogtober Day 2 – Baby Product Review

Hi Y’all! Hope all of you are having an amazing Monday so far! Yesterday’s Day 1 blogtober post was All About Me! As for day 2 of Blogtober 2017, the topic is baby. I just got a new baby item, and I wanted to do a little review on it.

I just purchased the Fresh Food Feeder , and at first I didn’t love it. One big reason I didn’t fall in love with this product at first is I didn’t have the right idea of how to properly use the product.

This product is intended to hold any piece of fruit or vegetable, and make it safe for baby to suck on and chew without chocking.

I was putting baby food in it. The baby food was just pouring out of the mesh, so David was getting quite messy. Everytime I gave it to him with baby food, he required a bath right after.

I even tried freezing the baby food to see if that made it better and cleaner, but it was still just as messy.

I have since tried a small piece of banana, and both David and I enjoyed that experience much more. Still messy, but what baby doesn’t get messy while eating, right!?

For the price, about $6,  I would say it is a good product, but not a great product. Right now David is teething, so it is helping with his urge to chew on everything. It also keeps him occupied for a few good minutes while cleaning or cooking. I would recommend you give it a try if you can.

The one negative thing for me is the time it takes to clean the product. It takes me some time because some food gets stuck and it is just time I don’t have to spend cleaning a baby item.

I just wanted to share my experience with this product.

What baby products have you tried recently?



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3 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 2 – Baby Product Review

  1. We tried something similar with Bear when he was weaning, we put pineapple in it and he would suck the juice. I’m not sure it’s really a good idea for baby led weaning so we stopped and just gave food he could hold and chew #blogtober17

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