Why I Chose To Use Cloth Diapers

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I just had a baby almost 6 months ago, on March 23, 2017. My husband and I named him David Rudolph.

When he was born, I had already bought some cloth diapers. I bought them online. They were all-in-one, one size fits all, Thirties brand. In the beginning, I just found it more convenient to buy disposables because I was changing him constantly, about every two hours. And I was really tired and was breastfeeding too, so I had very little time to get up and even eat, much less do laundry. As he got a little older, I would say about 4 months old, I lost my part time job and we needed to cut back on some expenses. Diapers are expensive. We were buying a case every week or two and they are about $25 each. I had those cloth diapers just sitting there and decided that I would use them instead. I started slowly, still using disposables at night and in between laundry loads, but I slowly cut disposables completely out within about two weeks. I refused to buy another case of disposable diapers. I am not here saying cloth diapers are for everyone because they really aren’t. They may not work for a mother who has a full time job outside the home and has their baby in child care, but for me, it was the better choice.

Five reasons I love cloth diapers:

1. They are so soft.

2. They come in the cutest patterns.

3. I can save those $25 for anything else I need.

4. My baby loves them.

5. They are good for the environment. 😁

I know not all my readers are mothers yet or may not use cloths diapers, but I wanted to write about why I chose cloth diapers. Whatever you think is best for your baby is just fine. Hope you enjoyed and got to know me just a little bit better.

Much Love πŸ’™,


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