Why I Put A Pause On Blogging

It has been so long since I have written a blog post. One of the main reason I took a break is because I was working on other projects that are profitable. And blogging hasn’t really been profitable for me yet. Why?

Here are a couple of reasons why. First, I am not self hosted yet..and that’s ok but if I ever want to make this a full time income I need to make a change.  Second, I need to be picky about my affliations. Basically in the beggining of this journey I was just happy that affliates were reaching out to me. But I now realize it is best if it pertains to my niche and also that I give the product a try so I can have a strong opinion about it. If I like it then I can recommend it to my readers.

I need to be authentic and connect with others. The authetic part isn’t too difficult but connecting with others is difficult for me. I struggle to communicate and connect with other people in the world even if it is just over the internet. But I made a commitment and I want to stick to it. First, my goal at least one post a week from now on. In the past I have tried to take on too many projects bit I am not going to do that anymore. I will be freelance writing and one blog post a week all while I take care of my little angels..my family. I will talk to you soon and I will probably begin with a post about how to get organized. 


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