Summer Routine for Kids – Ideas to Make Summer Less Stressful

School has been out for summer break for a over a month now and some of you may be thinking of back to school. But before we start getting back into a school routine, we still have a little more summer to survive. With the kids at home, it can be difficult to stay stress free, but here are some ideas that will make it less stressful for all of you.

1. Plan a menu.

My kids love knowing what they will be eating the next day. It reminds them of a school lunch menu so they just love it. And it helps you by staying organized and budgeting your grocery list as meals are preplanned. It’s very simple and it takes only a few minutes. Get your kids involved in the planning too.

2. Have a designated quiet time.

Everyday this summer, I make sure to get sure to have an hour or two of quiet time. It’s a great way for both you and the kids to unwind. If you work from home, like me, it can give you some time to peacefully catch up on some work that had been sitting in the back burner. Tip: I always promise a treat for them if they behave. It could be a popsicle, some playtime outside, or a movie that they have been wanting to watch but an incentive really helps.

3. Have a set schedule.

Some days its OK to not follow a schedule but some children just like structure. They have a schedule at school they follow and I don’t know about yours but my kids love structure. If your at home with your kids this summer having a schedule can make things fun and less stressful for both you and the kids.

4. Make sure everyone helps with household chores.

Now that the kids are home, there maybe a bigger mess but there are certainly more people able to help clean up. I have a list of chores I do on a daily basis and I assign each child art least one of those chores to do each day. This helps me feel less overwhelmed, shows them responsibility, and creates peace within the chaos.

5. Have some alone time.

Don’t forget momma to have some quiet time alone. Whether its in the morning before they wake up or at night when they go to bed. Have some alone time to do whatever it is that you enjoy.

I hope these tips help you feel less stressed. Please leave a comment with anything that you do to make summers with kids less stressful and more fun. Enjoy!


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